The 5 Best Reasons to Adopt a Dog

You can change an animal’s life, and yours too!

Honey Bunches
This is Honey (short for Honey Bunches). She is our second rescue.

The decision to bring a dog into our homes shouldn’t be taken lightly.  This requires even more thought when that decision involves a rescue.  Rescues come with a history.  It’s a history that many times we will never know.  That history could shape the animal’s behavior and socialization in positive or negative  ways. 

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What is the purpose of a dog’s tail, anyway?

So, if you are anything like me, you have probably wondered, “Just what is the purpose of a dog’s tail, anyway”?  What can we learn about what our pooch is thinking by paying attention to the angle of the tail, the direction of the wag, and if the tail is rigid or relaxed.  It turns out quite a bit.  But, there is even more to a tail than that!

Max’s tail always looks like this, except when there’s thunder, and then it’s straight down!

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Meet Max!

This site is inspired by Max and all of the other dogs I have loved

Meet Max. Max is, we believe, around 2 years old. I can truly call him a “mutt” because we are not sure exactly what he is. There is surely some Chihuahua in there somewhere, but what else is in the mix is anyone’s guess. I wasn’t sure I was a small dog kind of person when I rescued Max. I have always had “medium” dogs. No one ever told me that small dogs had big dog personalities in a tiny package. Max and I hit it off from the git-go! I can be having a terrible day, and sure enough, he will do something to make me laugh.

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