Gaining the Trust of Your Rescue Dog

Dog is looking at a treat but not coming
Some rescues may feel untrusting, even with treats involved. Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

Why is my rescue acting like this?

Have you recently brought home a rescue that shies away from you, or startles very easily? Don’t you wish your new dog was more confident and trusting of you and your family members? Gaining the trust of your rescue may not be easy and will take time and patience on your part, but it can be rewarding!

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6 Reasons to Prepare for a New Puppy

Preparing for a new puppy should be an exciting time, and a time to make sure your new family member feels comfortable. Although there are a number of things that should be done before the arrival of your new puppy, the task does not have to be daunting!

Note that even though we are talking about puppies here, much of the information contained within applies to middle-age or even senior dogs.

This is the face of a contented, relaxed pup.
Photo by from Pexels
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