Meet Max!

This site is inspired by Max and all of the other dogs I have loved

Meet Max. Max is, we believe, around 2 years old. I can truly call him a “mutt” because we are not sure exactly what he is. There is surely some Chihuahua in there somewhere, but what else is in the mix is anyone’s guess. I wasn’t sure I was a small dog kind of person when I rescued Max. I have always had “medium” dogs. No one ever told me that small dogs had big dog personalities in a tiny package. Max and I hit it off from the git-go! I can be having a terrible day, and sure enough, he will do something to make me laugh.

But, that’s what dogs do, am I right? They are some of the best friends we will ever have. They are family. I call my dogs my boys and girls. Well, boys and girl. Yes, we have three dogs altogether. Pat is our King Charles, Honey is our first guess-what-kind-of-dog-i-am rescue. And, then there’s Max. I love all of my dogs equally, but mymuttspathoneymax would have made a really bad name, so, I just went with Max as the lead.
Although this site is called, there will also be posts on Honey and Pat, and things about dogs in general as well. I hope you visit this site often, and I hope you really enjoy it. Until then, go give your dogs a big hug, and give them a belly rub for me.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of Max!!!

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